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Our Story

Blue Lightning is an online store that is based in Trinidad & Tobago since 2020, providing adults & kids with high quality & affordable blue light blocking glasses. However, we aren’t just selling a product but we are the product! 

The management team of this store work almost 16 hours everyday behind computers and smartphones over the last few years doing everyday tasks to manage businesses. This job has taken a toll on our digital well being and when we found blue light blocking glasses it seemed too good to be true, so we looked into them and tred them for ourselves for more than 6 months and counting!

Now? We’ve experienced all the benefits that we have researched and shared with you so that everyone can have better online sessions daily as this is our new norm. Working from home, doing online business, shopping and more, this is why we came to help all online users!

We thank you for your interest in us & our products also for supporting our small online business.


Blue Lightning

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